[Admin-discuss]Enigma status

Declan skyhawk at Redbrick.DCU.IE
Fri Dec 6 02:01:37 GMT 2002

So whats the latest on enigma?
I take it it's stable with the rbradio project going again.

So whats the story with WebBrick testing.
WebMail and WebBoards are just sitting their at the mo.
I'd like if they could be a main RedBrick feature By Semester Two.

I have a few ideas for addons to them but It'd be cool to
get some testing and feedback going.

I have a second testing copy of it all in the Enigma webtree for general fiddling.
Messing with php and if the modification work adding the changes to the
official version.

So basically whats the timeline for it?
Does everyone get an account on Enigma before the testing?
Do we have to wait for the mail changeover script before that can be done ?
OR can we just take a chunk of the membership who'd like to partake
in some serious hard core usage and testing and give them accounts on enigma
for that purpose?

It's been operational for a while now and had stalled due to the enigma
reinstalls but with enigma working now I was wondering where WebBrick stood.


Redbrick - Dublin City University Networking Society
Declan McMullen - Education Officer

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