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John Bolger x at Redbrick.DCU.IE
Thu Dec 12 08:47:30 GMT 2002

And of course the fine website (which I completely forgot to include
thats what getting up at 5:50 every morning does to you!) is :


On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 08:42:12AM +0000, John Bolger wrote:
> Ive recently being playing with a neat system called UML (User Mode
> Linux). UML lets you run virtual machines in userland on a linux box.
> This is like what we hoped to do on the S/390 - with the small exception
> that we can actually do it.
> I think UML would be very useful for admin training for the following
> reasons :
> 1. Every virtual machine can have its own seperate filesystems. The user
> can login as root to the virtual machine, rm -Rf / and it would just be
> a matter of building them a new box (which should envolve copying a new
> image from a central master image repository) If they trash their own
> filesystem nobody else would even notice :)
> 2. Every virtual machine runs in its own sandbox. It has by default no
> access to external networks or other parts of the server its running on.
> This makes them very safe to use. 
> 3. You can setup multiple virtual machines to work together in groups,
> and have virtual switches between them. This could allow trainees (or
> even people who just want to experiment) to setup mini "virtual"
> networks. You can then play with firewalls, VPNs, load balancers, NFS,
> etc - this wouldnt be possible with one box.
> I have got as far as installing Debian on a UML and from there you can
> install packages (either from sources or using apt/dpkg) and play
> away/learn how they work. 
> So anyone interested ?
> If yes, all we need is an i386 box running Debian. apt-get install
> user-mode-linux, RTFM, RTFWS (Read the Fine web site) and setup a small
> test virtual machine. 
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