[Admin-discuss] Hey Changes

Charlie Von Metzradt phaxx at redbrick.dcu.ie
Fri Dec 19 00:18:04 GMT 2008

As far as I can remember, the logging was done in swrite, so that we  
were able to log all terminal writes, not just ones sent from hey.

It might be more helpful to send the output of diff -u, so we can see  
changes in a standard format we're more familiar with. :)

Looks like you're on the right track, though.


On 19 Dec 2008, at 00:08, Andrew Harford wrote:

> Hey,
> I've added some logging stuff to hey so we can have huh working again.
> Since I don't actually know any C i'd appreciate it if a few people
> could take a look and make sure I haven't done anything crazy.
> http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~receive/hey_main.html
> (changes are marked in red)
> andrew.
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