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On 23 April 2010 22:17, Sean <revenant at redbrick.dcu.ie> wrote:

> Hi
> As you may have heard, the committee are optioning installing a web based
> forum for their users to use for discussing various topics, much like the
> existing nntp based boards.
> The type of forum will most likely be vBulletin, though PHPBB and SMF
> haven't been completely written off.

These are all ugly... Is someone willing to theme them? >.>

> The issue is how to manage user authentication.
> The board will probably be going behind pubcookie. While this makes it less
> convenient for the users, there are benefits of privacy and additional
> security.
> Two options were suggested for user management on the board itself.
> The first would be to install a quick plug in to allow authentication from
> though LDAP. User accounts would be created automatically. This seems
> relatively straightforward, though it's potential insecurity has been
> pointed out.
> Another option suggested by a few people is to implement a Redbrick OpenID
> provider and force the board to only accept redbrick openids. This sounds
> kind of interesting to me.

++ on this, moving away from hacking pubcookie would be great, not to
mention having an OpenID service would be awesome.

> Thoughts, advice, opinions?

and the divide grows larger :)...

> Seán
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