[Admin-discuss] Minerva's Raid Arrays

Eoghan Cotter eoghan.cotter at redbrick.dcu.ie
Tue Apr 27 00:38:27 IST 2010

Hi Folks,

Just looking to get a discussion going on the pros and cons of some suggestions
for Minerva's 4ish TB's of disks we're not currently using after the move to
the new DAS.

Ideally we'd like to put local backups here, especially since the current local
backup machine is A out of space and B crashing with IO errors.

We've had a talk amongst ourselves and come up with at least 2 reasonably viable
ways of doing this

One is to dual mount the array, once read-only allowing people access to
backups, the second behind a mount point only root can write too, as far as I'm
aware you can get round this using /proc, but at the end of the day you'd be
breaking your own backups, and you should still have severus's backups anyway.

The second suggestion is the run a VM on Minerva, give it access to the disks
and just run it like the other backup servers.

There's probably other ways of doing this, so please email back with feedback
on these ideas and any other way you can thing of doing this, or other
interesting uses for the disks :)


Eoghan Cotter

DCU Networking Society (Redbrick) Sys Admin

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