[Admin-discuss] Minerva's Raid Arrays

Cian Brennan cian.brennan at redbrick.dcu.ie
Tue Apr 27 01:42:25 IST 2010

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 12:38:27AM +0100, Eoghan Cotter wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Just looking to get a discussion going on the pros and cons of some suggestions
> for Minerva's 4ish TB's of disks we're not currently using after the move to
> the new DAS.
> Ideally we'd like to put local backups here, especially since the current local
> backup machine is A out of space and B crashing with IO errors.
Buy a new backup machine (or fix thunder if possible). Seriously, the SPC will
have money next year, anything we do get working on minerva will be a hack, and
an ugly one at that, and the performance on minerva's RAID controller has
always, and will always be terrible, to the extent that its backups won't
complete during large expires.

> We've had a talk amongst ourselves and come up with at least 2 reasonably viable
> ways of doing this
> One is to dual mount the array, once read-only allowing people access to
> backups, the second behind a mount point only root can write too, as far as I'm
> aware you can get round this using /proc, but at the end of the day you'd be
> breaking your own backups, and you should still have severus's backups anyway.
Remember, minerva's CPU's don't have vmx. So VM performance will suck.

> The second suggestion is the run a VM on Minerva, give it access to the disks
> and just run it like the other backup servers.
What's the performance impact going to be like of doing this? Is the RAID
controller going to screw up the entire machine while it's going on?

> There's probably other ways of doing this, so please email back with feedback
> on these ideas and any other way you can thing of doing this, or other
> interesting uses for the disks :)
Just leave them. Stick the two arrays together, offer them to users who need
piles of space, but don't care about its speed (like dregin with his bebo
project). They won't be that heavily used in all likelyhood, but that's far fom
the end of the world.

> Cheers
> Eoghan
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