[Admin-discuss] Helpdesk mailman privileges and User/MySQL account?

Andrew Harford andrew.harford at redbrick.dcu.ie
Wed May 4 22:13:10 IST 2011

On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 08:10:08PM +0100, Paul B wrote:
> Evening all.
> It was mentioned in #rbadmins (half-seriously) recently that it might be
> good to give helpdesk the mailman password so that they can deal with issues
> that arise.
> Not entirely sure how much this would help as it seems we don't use the web
> interface for making new lists, but resetting passwords and changing owners
> could still be done.
> Any pros/cons to this that people would like to discuss?

I don't see any technical reasons not to do this, mailman is pretty 
seperate from everything else. It also makes sense for the helpdesk to be 
able to deal with those kind of requests. If the admins and the helpdesk 
like the idea I say go for it.
> Also was thinking of (or remembering the previous mentions of it, more like)
> creating an account for helpdesk to use for testing stuff, and perhaps a
> MySQL account for it, so they can mess around with settings and stuff while
> dealing with questions without having to mess up their own account, perhaps
> throw on a Wordpress setup and common stuff like that?
> isaac seems to be using the newb account for some stuff like this, but we
> can't really set up too much stuff on it or give it a MySQL account since
> people tend to have access to it on C&S day and stuff.
> Any thoughts on this too?

Yea, no reason not to do that if it'd be useful. We have a bunch of 
testing accounts anyway, so it's not really something new.

Andrew Harford

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