[Admin-discuss] Helpdesk mailman privileges and User/MySQL account?

Paul B paul.bunbury2 at mail.dcu.ie
Thu May 5 00:12:35 IST 2011

On 4 May 2011 23:59, Eoghan Cotter <eoghan.cotter at redbrick.dcu.ie> wrote:

> I see no reason not to do it, the only thing I would say is that has
> everyone
> considered that this would give helpdesk access to all the lists archives?
> I'll bring it up in committee meeting this week so, I imagine it's not
really a problem but should probably be approved by cmt if they're going to
get access to anything like that.

Might hold off on the system account too, just since this will be discussed
might as well see if anyone on cmt has thoughts on it as well.

Any other pros/cons or any other relevant stuff you want brought up mention
it some time before Saturday so, supposed to be the big handover meeting
before next year so this is the kind of stuff we should get out of the way
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